What is the meaning behind "for women only"?

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When I started this brand back in 2019, our world and social media was talking about the inclusivity of all women & or that we are the weaker sex, as is still mentioned today. I felt the need to create a brand that only included women as to boost our confidence and self worth. We donate to organizations that care for women and the well being of them, therefore also creating the popular motto "for women only". This however, created confusion as to what that really means.

Later this year, I had the privilege of sharing the meaning to a few women who needed the motto clarified. Understandably, it could be taken out of context. 

A few questions I received were: "Does that mean that only "women" can buy from you and not people who identify as women?" "What about trans women?" "What about "womxn" and "womyn"? Do they count?" "Aren't you a brand that empowers all women?"

All valid questions that deserve answers.

My brand stands for the empowering and raising confidence of all Women. If you identify as women and one in need of empowerment, love and support then I welcome you to my store. I am not here to discriminate, therefore do not need to use "womxn" or "womyn" because the word "women" has always included women of colour and sexual preference. 

The motto "for women only" is meant to give us a little bit more power. A little boost when shopping from my store. Knowing comfortably that you are safe and welcomed no matter your lifestyle, culture or ethnicity. Girl power!!

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please email caitlyn at outsiderclothingandco@gmail.com

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